Pi Day State Records Pie Chart!

March 14 is Pi Day and this year we at the Alaska State Archives decided to make a pie chart representing our collections!  While we hold district, territorial, and statehood records this chart only represents those records from statehood (1959- present).  Also note this chart does not represent cubic feet, or the amount of space these records take up in our vault, just a count of individual records.

Our biggest record group was a close contest between Office of the Governor with about 3,940 records and Dept. of Law with 3,780 records.  On the other end of the spectrum, Dept. of Military and Veteran Affairs and Special Collections and Local Government Records tied for the least amount of records, each with about only 30 tucked away on our vault shelves.

Pi Day Statehood Records Chart
Click HERE for a larger image.
  1.  Office of the Governor
  2.  Department of Administration
  3.  Department of Law
  4.  Department of Revenue
  5.  Department of Education and Early Development
  6.  Department of Health and Social Services
  7.  Department of Labor and Workforce Development
  8.  Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development
  9.  Department of Military and Veteran Affairs
  10.  Department of Natural Resources
  11.  Department of Fish and Game
  12.  Department of Public Safety
  13.  Department of Environmental Conservation
  14.  Department of Corrections
  15.  Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
  16.  State Legislature
  17.  State Court System
  18.  Special Collections and Local Government

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