10/10 Electronic Records Day

10/10 is #ERecsDay!  Today we’ll be sharing tips on electronic records management and State Records Manager, Jennifer Treadway, will be standing by to take all questions related to electronic records management!

Jump on Instagram (follow us @akstatearchives) and check out our story for tips, send us messages or comment on our posts with questions, or send us an email at archives@alaska.gov!

While you’re thinking of questions, check out this year’s Electronic Records Day poster below for some tips on managing records and get the answer to the question, “If a bear goes into the woods, do her electronic records survive?”.

10.10.2018 Electronic Records Day Poster

Click HERE to download the 2018 Electronic Records Day poster (PDF)

Happy #ERecs Day from all of us at the Alaska State Archives!



It’s October 1, and we all know what that means – the start of Archives Month!!  What’s Archives Month?  The month of October is dedicated to celebrating and advocating archives in the United States, and we at the Alaska State Archives have some exciting things coming up this month that we would like to share!

To begin, we are so excited to reveal this year’s Archives Month poster featuring historical photographs depicting the recession of Mendenhall Glacier over the past century.


Click here to download the Alaska State Archives 2018 Archives Month poster

October 3 is national #AskAnArchivist Day!


Jump online and ask us any questions you have about archives or what it’s like to be an archivist!  To learn more about this event check out our press release!  You can question us on Twitter @AKStateLibrary and on Instagram @akstatearchives (use the hashtag #AKArchivists & #AskAnArchivist).  We can’t wait to answer your questions!

October 10 is Electronic Records Day – keep an eye out for our informative, funny, and very Alaskan poster that will help answer any questions you have about electronic records.

On October 18 (up here we know it as Alaska Day) the Alaska State Archives will be OPEN FOR BUSINESS.  Drop by to meet our staff, check out some cool collections we’ll have on display, and gather information about how to start research in the archives or how to care for your own archival collection!  We’ll be here to answer any questions you have!

Check back on the blog throughout the month for fun facts and tips about archiving, archival collections, and the archivists behind it all!